I am also running the interior decoration store Coctail in Stockholm together with my wife Vibeke Westman.


Per Wickander



Since more than 20 years i have, in addition to my own productions, freelanced in various situations as a producer, director, cameraman and editor.

If you got any question about a production you want to do, big or small, please get in contact so that we can discuss how we can help you.

Mail : per@coctail.nu

Studio : Folkungagatan 107, Stockholm

Some of my works :

SE MIG HÖR MIG music video Anders Edenroth Emma Nilsdotter

TWO TOMATOES Real Group, music video. Camera, post editing


Camera, directing.

WATER, Real Group, music video. Camera, editing, directing.

TUMSA NAKTE, Real Group, music video. Camera, editing, directing

PINGIS, dokumentär, 10min, regi, foto, red

OVACO, intevjue, editing, camera

YRKE LARMTEKNIKER, Info, 10min, editing, camera

NILS SAMLAREN, dokumentary, 15min. Directing, camera, editing

VJ/VISUALS, Gaffaman and several other occasions.

GUARDIAN OF THE STAR WARS VILLAGE, Documentary. Camera, editing.

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS, Documentary Mexico. Directing, camera, editing

NOMADS, FLESHQUARTET, MAJA ALDERIN, Musicvideos. Directing, camera, editing

HOTEL ESPLANAD, 26min. Partly directing, script, Camera, editing

REAL GROUP, Scandinavian shuffle, musicvideo. Camera, editing

BLUES, editing, musicvideo

CORPORATE VIDEOPRODUCTIONS. Several. About everything between steamrollers and spaghettiproduction. Directing, producing camera and editing

ISKARIOT THE MOVIE, Behind the the set, 15min. Production, camera, editing

R.E.M. 3min. Directing, camera, edit.

SECTS, camera. Documentary, TV-4


JÖRGEN SVENSSON, 2 artvideos. Editing

JAW PANMONGKOL, 5 artvideos. Editing

FLIRT 3min. Directing, production, editing

TVIST 3min. Directing, production, editing, stageset

ILLUSION 3min. Directing, production, editing

EDUCATED IN 3-D animation technics. University of Skövde.

3-D ANIMATION. Production/designing a couple of commercial and non commercial

MADD. Documentary 20min, recorded in Los Angeles. Directing, editing.

VISUAL DESIGN in several theater productions for Theater Galeasen, Uppsala Stadsteatern, Dramaten, Borås Stadsteater, Riksteatern, amongst others.

KOMPASSPROCESSEN, 15min. Directing, script editing

1/2 GLAS. 20min. Directing, script editing, editing

KRASCH, vinjett design, editing. Dabrowski TV

VIDEOINSTALLATION. Nobelmuseet. Design, editing

LINEPRODUCER, Äntligen Hemma. Meterfilm

INTERVJUES 2X. Susanne Osten, Kristina Lugn. "Maria" Historiska Museet. Camera, editing 

STAGEMANAGER for the motion picture Iskariot

5 x SHORTFILM, in total 90min. Camera, postproduction, editing